Are you carrying a heavy load?

Are you ready for another solution?

As I found myself explaining to a patient just recently: 

  Any alternative approach to a health problem can be likened to a language you're seeking to master in a 'foreign land'.  It's a completely different experience, and will most likely challenge you at every level.  Equally, it takes courage, ingenuity, and creativity; and you need to put your whole being into it.  But in the process you learn amazing and unexpected things, about both yourself, and others.  Further rewards come with the initial small successes.  Continued effort sees accumulation into a broader and more gratifying whole.  Eventually, practise affords command, fluency, and presence.  And finally, the shift is automatic.  A whole new experience of 'being' becomes second nature. 

  In contrast, you can stick to the phrase book (or convention), and get by - partaking of what's on offer at a very surface level - but you will always remain an 'outsider'.  Or, you can embrace the culture totally, and in so doing, learn to love it, and feel its warm welcome like a second home!  

  The role of this analogy is to help you identify whether you may be a receptive candidate for benefit from the alternative medicine approach (ie. considering every level of influence - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, etc.).  Concepts may be new to you, and will take some understanding; but your efforts will be rewarded with practical and insightful help for your problems; and eventually, a renewed sense of comfort and ease.   Needless to say, unravelling the subtle messages of the body, and interpreting  its consciousness, is also very interesting! 

  If you feel this is something you would like to explore, and my sentiments gel with your own feelings, than I'm sure we can work together, successfully.  The goal being not only to overcome the issues before you, but to find positive perspective and gratitude for their ultimate message, and purpose.

  Everything happens for a reason.  Thankfully, the answers lie within us all.

  Are you ready?